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First Polls - Overwhelming Majority Want The PM To Go

I think the public have become weary of a scandal-ridden Prime Minister – and they do not seem to be fooled by the line-up of Tory ministers parroting his defence. The first opinion polls are already out following the news that both the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer have been fined for breaking lockdown rules.



Is this a defining moment for the Conservative party? 61 per cent of the public think the PM should go after the Partygate fines issued by the Met police in a ComRes poll. 59 per cent say the Chancellor should walk too.

YouGov conducted the same poll and the result –  57/57 per cent they should go. A further 75 per cent think Boris Johnson lied about it all and only 12 per cent think he did not knowingly lie.



These sort of snap polls are a good example of the general mood and sentiment of the nation as events happen. Public opinion is important no matter what politicians attempt to say otherwise. These type of polls take power away from commentators and politicians and is healthy for democracy.




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